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On Wings of Foreign Lovers book cover

ON WINGS OF FOREIGN LOVERS ~ Gifts of Love & Romance. Inspired by true events, Lianna, a single woman in her forties experiences an “awakening”. She steps out of her recluse life where she had spent years building thick walls around herself and her daughters, and ventures into a carefree existence, hopeful of finding love again (though maybe a little recklessly) as she takes off on newfound wings. Not wanting to limit her personal growth, she accepts everyone regardless of social status, age, or cultural beliefs, believing it takes courage to live outside the boundaries of societal norms... READ MORE

Genre. Fiction/Contemporary Romance.

The Backseat Shrink book cover

THE BACKSEAT SHRINK. A wealthy psychologist and cultural snob, Dr. Carlton Lowe, cracks after his wife and their scoundrel lawyer form a coup against Dr. Lowe to cash in on the impending fame and fortune of his recently published masterpiece. Blackmailed into a divorce, Dr. Lowe is forced out of his house and job because of the erupting scandal, and left with nothing but clothes and the beat-up family station wagon. On the streets of downtown Chicago, living in his station wagon, he soon finds himself the backseat shrink to a cast of street denizens... READ MORE

Genre. Fiction, Humor, Satire, Drama.

The Backseat Shrink book cover

NOFNIK BATTLE OF FROYD. A brutal despot known as Sir Froyd, in an act of revenge, overthrows a kingdom in a sneaky ploy. When one brave Nofnik confronts Sir Froyd, he is thrown into the dungeon where he awaits his beheading. His son and daughter set forth on a hair raising journey to save the kingdom and their father’s head. But Sir Froyd’s ally, a half-human, half-eagle beast “Eagle Claw”, stalks them like prey. Non-stop adventure.... READ MORE

Genre. Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy.